Fun with shadows...and colors

Posted By: KenElevenShadows

Fun with shadows...and colors - 09/09/19 12:27 AM

As many of you know, I photograph a lot of abandoned areas at night, using long exposures. I photographed this using three different colors because I wasn't sure what mood I wanted to convey while doing it. I was able to do this consistently, one after another, so I just went ahead and did three photos in a row.

As it turned out, I thought it might be a lot of fun to create a tryptich of sorts, using all three colors!

Attached picture 3184_kenlee_night-photography-march-trip_190321_2023_98sf8iso200_halloransprings-turnstile_tryptich-2048px.jpg
Posted By: xKnuckles

Re: Fun with shadows...and colors - 09/12/19 11:08 PM

Very cool Ken. smile
Posted By: KenElevenShadows

Re: Fun with shadows...and colors - 09/14/19 02:23 PM

Thanks! Managed to turn indecision into a triptych. That's positive, no?
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