Posted By: dr walker free 808style drumsynth - 08/24/19 10:26 PM
grabbb a free 808style drumsynth HEEEEEEERE!
yes. "only" the soundengine. no sequencer.

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Posted By: Dave Bryce Re: free 808style drumsynth - 09/03/19 02:07 PM
Do you think when Roland designed the 808 that they had any idea how much they would be influencing the industry for years to come? idk

Posted By: J. Dan Re: free 808style drumsynth - 09/03/19 07:41 PM
I watched a documentary that covered this - don't recall which one. At the time of release, it was Roland's best stab ant making drum sounds from analog oscillators, filters and noise. When better technology came out, the TR-808 could be had for dirt cheap. That's when a lot of the hip hop artists and electronic music folks picked them up.
Posted By: dr walker Re: free 808style drumsynth - 09/15/19 09:06 PM
unprocessed 808 sounds are in my ear kind of lame.... after all these years.

i have to admit that the 808 was my favourite drummachine for many many years
and i recorded like 400+ records with it but now i got a bit tired of it.

and when it comes to 808 sounds somehow i started to prefer to sound when itz
a bit eq d and compressed and then sampled into a mpc60 or mpc3000.
yes. itz not that easy to change the sound in the mpc but the old mpcs add a nice
flavor to the 808.
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