GP's 50th Anniversary 1967-2017

Posted By: Editor Boy

GP's 50th Anniversary 1967-2017 - 06/02/17 02:23 PM

Hi all...

You've (hopefully) been seeing all of the "GP50" content in the magazine. Is there anything else we should be doing to celebrate this big birthday?

What are your ideas, desires, and strategies?

Let me know...

Have great weekends all,
Posted By: d / halfnote

Re: GP's 50th Anniversary 1967-2017 - 06/08/17 11:31 AM

I don't keep up w/ all the various content sources (FBook, Twitter, or even the online GP content here, outside the forums) as much as I might.
There are several reasons for that but time's a major consideration...
...nor do I manage to get every print copy.

[SIDE BAR: why's GPlayer get such weaker distribution than New Bay's other GTR mag, Gtr World ?]

However, as things go forward, I think GP & readers could both benefit from strategies that re-present older content such as...
-historically worthwhile interviews (Hendrix from '67 or '68, Zappa, etc);
-soundpage material (when those become timely);
-collections of columns / lessons, etc....

GPlayer was the original musicians mag (discounting England's Bet Instrumental, which really wasn't the same thing)
& has always dealt w/ a wider variety of genres, styles than any of those that followed.
Plus, as what can only be considered a gift to readers, remains the lowest priced at news stands !

What ever you gots to do to keep it available, MM, is what's what !
Posted By: Larryz

Re: GP's 50th Anniversary 1967-2017 - 06/09/17 01:13 AM

Hey Editor Boy (see my comments on that thread!)...I hope you will consider my comments with regard to using YouTube to post audio and video lessons congruent with the GP50 and all following future editions of GP! Many great lesson teachers use YouTube to attract viewers to subscribe to their lesson programs in much the same way, as you could attract subscribers to your magazine. This concept would save you having to sent out DVD's, CD's, MP3's, etc. if you could just strike up a deal and an account on YouTube to coincide with GP articles and lessons! I really value the free introductory lessons on YouTube! Thanks again, Larryz twothumbs
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