Posted By: Curve Dominant

YEEE-AAAHH, BOYEEEZZZZ!!!! - 07/28/05 07:16 AM

Brian & JJ...

Welcome to the crib, brothers.

This joint got kinda moudly lately, so hopefully y'all can shake this muthah up a bit, yo?

If so, count me in.

Posted By: the stranger

Re: YEEE-AAAHH, BOYEEEZZZZ!!!! - 07/28/05 02:46 PM

Bass! How low can you go...
Posted By: BrianK

Re: YEEE-AAAHH, BOYEEEZZZZ!!!! - 07/29/05 08:33 AM

It's nice opportunity for ALL of us. Let's keep it happy and thoughtful. No matter what our differences, we can learn a lot from each other. True, true, true...

Even things I always said I'd NEVER do (mainly because others were doing it!) have now been tried and accepted in my world. Too bad, in a way, but I'm happy to be a little open to outside ideas...
Posted By: mixfix

Re: YEEE-AAAHH, BOYEEEZZZZ!!!! - 07/30/05 03:20 AM

Nice shot of Studio Two Mr. B.
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