Posted By: p90jr New speaker micing concept - 10/01/18 10:53 PM
A mic built into a gasket that goes between the speaker and speaker grill cloth...

sounds like a great idea to me... wonder if it also serves as a beam blocker?
Posted By: J. Dan Re: New speaker micing concept - 10/02/18 12:37 AM
It gives you no way to adjust which part of the cone you want to mic, and even distance can have an effect on the sound. To me, once you do something like this, you may as well be using a cabinet simulator - which I'm not opposed to - but if you're going to go that round, why drag out a cabinet with a special mic?
Posted By: whitefang Re: New speaker micing concept - 10/02/18 08:36 AM
I'm no "techie" about such things, but....

Back in the "day" we tried "micing" an amp and found we had to place the mic just "so far" from the amp to avoid feedback. How was that problem solved in this case( "building" the mic into the speaker grill, so to speak)?

PS: I couldn't see the image(or clip) posted
Posted By: p90jr Re: New speaker micing concept - 10/02/18 10:48 AM
I believe they've put a great deal of research into building the mic pointed in the perfect "off-axis" spot... at least as much as all the guys who have duct tape on their speaker grills so they know where to place the mic.

This thing was designed in consultation with people like engineer/producer Gil Norton (Foo Fighters/Pixies) and guitarist Robbie McIntosh (Paul McCartney/The Pretenders/John Mayer)...

I carry a couple of Sennheiser e609's that I prefer to drape over my amps (slightly off center of the speaker) since I use tilt-back floor stands and most of my amps have top-mounted controls. I still deal with soundguys who insist on using stands, even if they're using e609s, which makes it a pain for me to adjust my amps.

But I will probably eventually get a couple of these... plug and play, consistent... makes sense to me.
Posted By: p90jr Re: New speaker micing concept - 10/02/18 10:51 AM
I mean, they are the same price as a mic and a stand or clamp... not a departure but a refinement of the conventional idea...
Posted By: Larryz Re: New speaker micing concept - 10/02/18 11:43 AM
The proof is in the pudding...if it sounds fantastic, that would be good enough for me and hopefully there would be no complaints from the sound guys. +1 I have a drape over Sennheiser that works good enough for me. My only question/issue would be: I wonder if any of the major amp makers would build them in as an accessory, for those that would pay extra for them when buying a new amp? cool
Posted By: desertbluesman Re: New speaker micing concept - 10/02/18 12:25 PM
I would prefer my old SM57 pointed at the rim of the speaker, 1" from the grill cloth for recording. For live that ain't my problem, that is the sound mans problem.
Posted By: p90jr Re: New speaker micing concept - 10/02/18 01:08 PM
a guy describes the actual mic in this vid

worthless comparison, though, dangling a 57 in front of a speaker isn't optimal...

Posted By: Caevan O'Shite Re: New speaker micing concept - 10/02/18 02:46 PM
I'll hafta check that out later...

In my very limited experience, I have seemed to like placing a mic a little to the side of the dust-cap's edge, almost but not quite at 90 to the plane of the cone itself- so that the mic appears 'angled'...
Posted By: Lokair Re: New speaker micing concept - 10/02/18 06:58 PM

I stick by the sm57 in front of the dome pointed off angle at the valley between the dome and the cone, listen tweak as necessary. but this could be promising, you never know I may buy one and ab some results.

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