Lesson plans

Posted by: Michele C.

Lesson plans - 02/11/13 09:41 AM

I would teach my son, 14 years old, to play guitar. He wants to learn metal and soloing.
He can read music and plays the piano quite well, having taken lessons since he was 6. I have a background in harmony and play guitar and bass, so I thought I could teach him, but I need a method, skipping too many basics and going straight to technique and soloing.
Have you got recommendations for a book or lesson plans? I want to follow a method and not teach random stuff.
I have Doug Doppler's lesson plans from his DVD, but would also consider a book.
Posted by: Larryz

Re: Lesson plans - 02/11/13 03:25 PM

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBHnEwQbW...e=results_video <---- here's a sample of what you can find on Youtube. You can then subscribe if you like the lesson plan or search for others.

You might check and see what famous groups that your son likes before ordering a DVD or book as there are probably many out there. Hopefully some of our metal guys will chime in and give you some better advice as I'm not in to the genre all that much...also look at MF for learning DVD's...
Posted by: desertbluesman

Re: Lesson plans - 02/11/13 05:26 PM

What's the big deal? teach him chords, and scales, and let him develop his chops by himself. Show him how to apply the scales against the varied changes. My $.02 anyways.

There is also something to be said for hiring a pro guitar teacher.....
Posted by: Terrell

Re: Lesson plans - 02/12/13 08:09 AM

Find someone that can do what he wants and have him taught. Even though the sound is rough and aggressive, the techniques are full of subtlety and touch and nuance and physical tricks that are hard to communicate.

My $0.02
Posted by: SEHpicker

Re: Lesson plans - 02/12/13 08:30 AM

All that "technique and soloing" begins with the basics. There are no shortcuts to good guitar playing no matter what style you are after. DBM and Terrel are right - find him a good teacher that can play the way he wants to play.
Many calluses and lessons later he will thank you.
My $0.02
Posted by: Larryz

Re: Lesson plans - 02/12/13 09:12 AM

Another thing he might thank you for later is encourging him to stick with the piano. Having taken lessons for 8 years and learning to read music, he has a great head start. Keyboards are in demand when it comes to getting into a stage band. Nothing wrong with playing more that one instrument and hiring a teacher with his new guitar quest...but, that piano can open a lot of doors in many different genres. He is young enough to go in a lot of new musical directions and if he still likes the Keys, he should stick with them...