Just curious.

Posted by: Fumblyfingers

Just curious. - 02/03/13 11:33 PM

I've been out of the loop for a while and not playing live anymore...well, so far anyway.......and I see my Marshall 100W 1/2 stack everytime I go to the studio....realizing, I may never use it again and it takes up room I could use. The same goes for the Fender Twin.

What could I expect to get ....realistically for these items? Not BS Ebay expectations and stuff.......just realistic and fair asking prices.

The head...... 70's to early 80's (I think-I bought it in '86 ) Marshall JCM 800 Lead 2203. It's currently missing two tubes I removed to make it a 50 watter. I can have all new tubes put in and have it biased/checked over etc. It has the 6550 tubes....not the EL34's. (I can do the mod if it will fetch a better price)I had a Power Amp input put into it. The tolex is okay on the top and sides...the front cloth is good etc the logo and gold plate, knobs etc all good condition.....but the bottom is bad. When I bought it the tolex was peeled off/ripped on the underside so I put black duct tape down....er....... 27 years ago or so. It is missing one plastic cap that goes over the strap hardware.

The cabinet. 1960A cabinet with the 75W speakers. The tolex has been beat up a bit like any good touring amp and has a nice SM57 hole in the cloth in front of the lower speaker. I always though this was a good thing so you could get the mic closer to the cone..... sick laugh

I have an anvil case for the cabinet.

The Fender Twin Reverb........ is an early 80's model. It is not the sought after Blackface or Silverface TR....it is a silverface bit it is the one that has the bigger power transformer. I think it is 135W....whatever it is it is loud and has the Fender sound. It also has plenty road wear on the tolex etc but is in fairly good shape. I took off the side stands. I think I have them somewhere but not the mounting hardware.

Put it this way.......none of this stuff looks new laugh .....far from it. They all sound good though.

I think it only fair of me to have both amps serviced and given a clean bill of health and hopefully I can recoup that expense in my asking price.

What I do not want to do is dicker. I want to get the amps serviced and decide on a fair price and stick to that.

Oh.......if y'all feel it is important......I will try get someone to attend to the tolex damage and replace that missing strap hardware plastic cover.

So....any idea's?

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Re: Just curious. - 02/04/13 12:04 AM

In my experience, there is almost always a bargaining phase when selling or buying used merchandise unless it is priced to move.

I think it only fair of me to have both amps serviced and given a clean bill of health and hopefully I can recoup that expense in my asking price.

I would not do this. Instead, I would use this as a bargaining point, because it is possible that the buyer may not trust your guy, or may just trust his guy more. In other words, for some potential buyers, your investment would not be recoupable.

Instead, if you have receipts from the last time you had them serviced, you might just make photocopies- with sensitive data like CC numbers redacted- available for examination.
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Re: Just curious. - 02/04/13 07:43 AM

The Marshall with the 6550's innitt would appeal to metal and like players; use THAT as a selling-point, fish those waters.
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Re: Just curious. - 02/05/13 07:41 AM

Okay cool thanks.
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Re: Just curious. - 02/05/13 08:54 AM

Originally Posted By: Fumblyfingers
Not BS Ebay expectations and stuff.......just realistic and fair asking prices.

Actually Ebay is an excellent way to determine current market value. You just have to wait and see what something sells for - not what it is listed for. Average it out over several auctions and your in the ballpark.
There is even a tab on ebay that says something like: "what's it worth?" This is a great tool. It will give you an average of what that item has sold for in the past.
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Re: Just curious. - 02/05/13 08:54 AM

If they are working good, I would sell them as is without doing the clean bill of health work. Nothing wrong with offering them at a good price and stating that you are firm on that price...

Of the two amps, I would pick the Twin as that's just my style. I paid $300 for mine back in the 70's and sold it for $300 in the 90's. I would still have it today but it was just too heavy to cart around as I got older. It was a great clean amp and still probably the best I have ever owned. I couldn't stand the stained speaker cover and fabric painted it black, and it looked cool...Most guys don't mind the road-worn look, they just want that Twin Reverb All American sound!
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Re: Just curious. - 02/06/13 05:10 PM

Do not have the marshall serviced, I had an acquaintance who was selling a marshall from the early 80s, he dumped 350$ into having all the stuff gone over only to get 750$ dollars for it. The guy he sold it to had it modded again and from there he sold it a few years later for you 750$. People always think they know whats best till some one buys it and they decide what its needs. Just not worth it IMHO to do any more than list it.

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Re: Just curious. - 02/10/13 12:07 AM

Good advice all, thanks. Lok......I totally get your point......no use doing the whole tune up and fabric work etc.......but I feel at the very least I must purchase at least the two missing tubes and take it back to 100W. I owe it to the purchaser. I have no idea what happened to those two tubes over the years. The worry is that in adding the tubes, they are out of balance with the two old one's.....and need biasing....which makes me wonder if I should just buy 4 tubes........ this stupid tube thing is creating the dilemma.

I mean...me personally.......if I went to drop more than a few hundred on an amp and the owner said either that it was missing two tubes or that the amp was humming real bad 'cos it needed a biasing and service.......I'd either bale or at least try knock the guy down something fierce.
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Re: Just curious. - 02/10/13 07:01 AM

Every time I suss out the market value of an item I'm considering selling, the realization hits that the pittance I'll get for it really won't solve money issues, and the item will be gone forever. The 800, if it's PTP, is a holy grail amp, proven by the fact that boutique builders charge thousands for their products that "nail" its tones, so they say. To replace the updated version of what ya already have from Diamond, for example, will set ya back well over 3 grand, and that's for an amp based on yours as a template.

If freeing up space is the main motivation, put them in a respected shop on consignment to see what you'll get. Los Angeles may well be the JCM800 capital of the western world, so the competition may be fierce.

The Twin, as described, is not PTP, and may only be worth a few hundred bucks.

Also, with Myles right there in town, I'd bounce an idea or 2 off of him before I did anything.
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Re: Just curious. - 02/10/13 04:02 PM

Now that we know you have a couple of tubes missing the story has changed...I would have all of the tubes checked and replace any missing or bad ones and get the amp working before putting it up for sale...if you have to buy power tubes, buy them in matched pairs (if 2 and/or a matched set if there are 4) and get the bias set...If the amp does not work right with good tubes, the tech checking the bias can make recommendations for you... smile