Speaker Replacements

Posted by: BadLife

Speaker Replacements - 01/21/13 09:58 AM

I have two amps that I am considering replacing the speakers on a Ampeg VT-22 which had the speakers replaced several times because they keep blowing up. It's a 100 watt combo with 2 12" speakers. The ones in it now are the wrong impedance it has a switch for 2,4 or 8 ohms on the back but the speakers are 16 ohm wired to give a 32 ohm load. I could wire them to give 8 ohm I believe but they are just whatever the repair shop put in. These were replaced under warranty a long time ago and have not blown up so far.

I don't really push the amp any more and it has been rebuilt by a really good amp repair person. Any ideas on what sort of speakers might be a good fit?

The other one is a Fender Vibrolux Reverb it is about 30 watts and is a 2 x 10 combo with the original speakers as far as I know as I bought this one used. One of the speakers is a very slight abrasion on the cone. Would Celestions be a good fit or should I go with jensons? I think Fender used jensons on these amps.

I have been digging around online but I am not sure what I should be looking for as far as specks go.
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Re: Speaker Replacements - 01/21/13 10:39 AM

You might want to post these questions on the Feel Free to Ask Myles forum and get some tech advice...Caevan will hopefully chime in on this thread as he has a lot of good speaker recommendations. My old Fender Twin had Jensons which really did a great job but I'm sure there are speakers by Celestion that will work well for you too as Fender uses them in some of their amps today like the Mustang III.
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Re: Speaker Replacements - 01/21/13 11:01 AM

Look at some of the Eminence speakers available. I have a pair of single 10" speaker cabs with Eminence Ragin' Cajuns that I really like.
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Re: Speaker Replacements - 01/22/13 10:53 AM

Well I was able to figure out that the Ampeg has Eminence speakers in it and that they are supposed to be an 8 ohm load.

The Fender has C.T.S. speakers and I think they should also have an 8 ohm load as it lists 4 ohm for the extension cab if any.
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Re: Speaker Replacements - 01/23/13 02:41 PM

OK I was finally able to get the impedance straight for both amps.

A Fender Vibrolux Reverb should have 2 8 ohm speakers wired in parallel for a 4 ohm output.

The Ampeg should have 2 16 ohm speakers wired in parallel for an 8 ohm output. In the case of the Ampeg depending on the speakers you could have 2 8 ohm in parallel for a 4 ohm load as they shipped these with Altec Lansing speakers set up that way.

Any one have any ideas on sound clips as Eminence has them for some of their speakers and I found I liked the sound of some better than others. Only problem was the clean and overdriven sounds I liked were not the same speaker. Would one of each be a good solution or would that just give you the worst of each?
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Re: Speaker Replacements - 01/24/13 02:53 PM

I have been looking at the Eminence Speakers they seem to be a good choice.

Does anyone have any experience with Tone Tubby speakers? They cost three times as much and I consider the hemp cone to be more of a gimmick than anything else.

The only thing is that no one will let you return raw speakers so if you don't like them you could end up with quite a pile of them.

I wonder for the Fender if it's wise to try to keep the Fender sound thing going and not get too dark sounding? My thinking is to get speakers with the widest frequency range to sort of let the sound of the amp come through. It's on the bright side but you can always turn down the treble.