Broken Tremulator?

Posted by: xanda-panda

Broken Tremulator? - 01/12/13 03:53 PM


I recently bought this:

It arrived the other day and I gave it a go just now but no sound comes through when engaged. The light comes on and you can hear a very faint throb of the tremolo so that part of the circuit obviously works but no actual guitar.

When disengaged, the guitar sound comes through fine.

Any ideas what it could be? An easy fix perhaps..?

Or any suggestions at all?

Posted by: Larryz

Re: Broken Tremulator? - 01/12/13 10:39 PM

Battery? Power supply? walwart? voltage? idk
Posted by: Winston Psmith

Re: Broken Tremulator? - 01/13/13 07:38 AM

Since you're getting a signal through everything else when the Tremulator is bypassed, the problem has got to be in the pedal. First thought would be to check your power supply, or battery, as the case may be. If swapping those doesn't help, you may have a bad pedal.

If you have a good relationship with a local music store, you might take it around to them, and see if a different power supply makes any difference, or if they're aware of any issues with that pedal. Otherwise, your next move would be to return the thing, and get your money back.

I see that you're in England, so I can't be sure what's the best avenue for you to pursue. Certainly, contact the seller, and see what kind of response you get. If that's no help, you can try to work through ebay, or through your credit card company. Over here, after a rash of consumer complaints, it's somewhat easier for ebay buyers to get refunds for their purchases, especially if you've paid through their paypal service. A number of credit card companies also offer buyer protection, so contact your credit card company, and see what they offer.

Best of luck with this.
Posted by: Bluesape

Re: Broken Tremulator? - 01/13/13 11:25 AM

Hate to ask, but we've all had the inputs reversed at one time or another....
Posted by: xanda-panda

Re: Broken Tremulator? - 01/13/13 04:14 PM

I tried with a battery and it still didn't work. The power supply I was using was correct (positive-tipped, 1/8"). Living in Europe, sending it to Demeter in California and back will probably be a bit pricey. Hmm, I've contacted the seller anyway.

I was just hoping someone might've had the same experience or something. Nevermind.

Thanks again.
Posted by: Bluesape

Re: Broken Tremulator? - 01/13/13 06:18 PM

Ummm....I meant the jack inputs....right side should go to the guitar, left side to the amp/signal chain....very easy to mix them up...
Posted by: xanda-panda

Re: Broken Tremulator? - 01/14/13 01:18 AM

If only it was that, Bluesape! But no, I checked that.