Gibson LP Junior with P-90s

Posted by: Gitar65

Gibson LP Junior with P-90s - 12/04/12 09:08 AM

Does anyone have a Gibson LP Junior with the P-90s in it? How do you like it? I have my eye on one and wondered if anyone here played one.
Posted by: Junior 1

Re: Gibson LP Junior with P-90s - 12/04/12 09:16 AM

Gibson LP Juniors usually come with 1 P90 in the bridge position, but have seen them recently at the local GC with 2. Gibson P90's sound great and it's a great classic rock guitar. Listen to Leslie West play one on any Mountain song.
Posted by: Caevan O'Shite

Re: Gibson LP Junior with P-90s - 12/04/12 10:30 AM

In general, Gibson LP Juniors and Specials with P-90's are a classic recipe, great guitars in spite of their having originally been intended as budget guitars for beginner and intermediate players. Modern ones that I've gotten my hands on have been alright, and a genuine original vintage 1960 Les Paul Special (very similar to a Junior, with two P-90's and binding on the fretboard edges) was one of the very best guitars, bar none, all types, that I ever got my hands on- I really, REALLY should have bought it!

P-90's can sometimes be troublesome when it comes to noise and hum, however- about their only real Achilles' heel. But those that love their tone and feel usually manage to live with any hum and noise issues.