RIP Mickey "Guitar" Baker

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RIP Mickey "Guitar" Baker - 11/29/12 08:01 AM

Mickey Baker, author of the famous book on Jazz Guitar has passed away at the age of 87. Baker was best known for the 1956 hit "Love Is Strange," which he recorded with Sylvia Vanderpool in 1956. "Another guitar picker gone home." frown
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Re: RIP Mickey "Guitar" Baker - 11/29/12 08:11 AM

Mickey and Silvia, Love is strange, I remember the tune clearly, I was a young teenager back then. RIP Mick you done good. At 87 he had a real good run. I live in a retirement community, and not many men make it that far.........
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Re: RIP Mickey "Guitar" Baker - 11/29/12 08:57 AM

So...HE was the "Mickey" in Mickey and Sylvia. Good job, my man.

Have a good rest.
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Re: RIP Mickey "Guitar" Baker - 11/29/12 11:00 AM

Farewell, Mickey.
I studied out of his jazz guitar book as a kid, and learned lots of basic jazz chording from it that I still use.
And I remember "Love Is Strange". I'm about to see if there is anything on You Tube by him where he stretches out on guitar more.
Larry Coryell stated in an interview that he learned a lot from that book, too.
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Re: RIP Mickey "Guitar" Baker - 11/29/12 11:25 AM

Another milestone...
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Re: RIP Mickey "Guitar" Baker - 11/29/12 02:12 PM

RIP Mick...
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Re: RIP Mickey "Guitar" Baker - 11/29/12 02:18 PM

Yeah a lot of us learned from that book.