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Veilletti Gryphon12 - 11/24/12 06:22 PM

I saw Dave Mathews using this cool instrument, so I looked it up.

when I first found it, there were two short scale lengths offered, but they seem to have dropped one of them recently. Still, it is offered as a 6 or 12 string, and it is also available as a part of a doublenecked instrument, along with a standard length neck. Pretty cool, especially in the red sunburst. I'd love one of these, but my days of buying $4200 guitars is gone.
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Re: Veilletti Gryphon12 - 11/24/12 11:04 PM

Veilettes are I hear! grin.

They're on the "If I win the lottery" section of my G.A.S. list.
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Re: Veilletti Gryphon12 - 11/25/12 09:43 AM

A friend of mine just commissioned a Veillette 5 string short scale bass, low E to high C. He has several custom (hugely expensive) Alembics, but he's pretty much only playing the Veillette these days. They are pretty great instruments I hear.
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What an interesting instrument. I'll have to locate any local dealers and try one out.

Of course, owning one is out of the question...
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Re: Veilletti Gryphon12 - 11/25/12 11:27 AM

remember the Robin Octave electrics from the 80s?

they might be a 6 string equivalent of this (tuned like standard 12th fret up) that can be found for cheap.

Last time I saw one on eBay it went for $599.

Mitch Easter makes use of one in this song as the main guitar part, doubled with what sounds like maybe a Nashville-tuned acoustic... live it was pretty awesome sounding.

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Re: Veilletti Gryphon12 - 11/26/12 10:14 AM

Cool. I could really dig one of those...
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Re: Veillette Gryphon12 - 11/27/12 07:58 AM

My daughter Kaki King has one. Here's a recent video interview she did for MusicRadar where she discusses and plays several of her stage guitars, beginning with the Gryphon 12:

Best to all--

Dave King
Kaki's dad
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I need to go to the store and buy more talent.
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