I just saw this mentioned on my Facebook feed.

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11-pin universal rotary speaker adapter module, with MIDI and TRS inputs <br>
Originally designed to connect a Mojo Classic to an 11-pin Leslie speaker. But with this ingenious box, you'll be able to connect all kinds of instruments. For example the Wurli sound of a Crumar SEVEN will sound incredible ove a Leslie speaker! Just connect a sustain pedal to control the Rotary effect. Another possibillity, just connect the midi of your keyboard to the Eleven, your modulation wheel will trigger the Rotary effect.

I am wondering if this works my Mojo (which I bought new I think about 4 years ago - and is not the "classic"). Also, I have not been able to find the price yet.
Yes, its universal. This was posted back in April. see attachment.

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Thanks, somehow I missed that thread - though I missed plenty of stuff in April.
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