Posted By: Keysguy VR09 Keys - 12/03/19 09:49 PM
I'm kicking around the idea of getting a Vr09 for rehersals and as a second board if I get ambitious. I really would rather have a VR730 but I'm doing this for convenience. My questions is I've only seen one in person and I noticed the short keys. I had a vr700 for another band project and it was great but weighted a ton. . Are the Vr09 keys standard width? I have big hands so thats a serious consideration. Thanks in advance.
Posted By: wjwilcox Re: VR09 Keys - 12/03/19 10:11 PM
You might want to check out the YouTube VR-09 tutorials by Ed Diaz. If his meaty fingers can play nimbly on it's keys, anyone's can.
Posted By: Adan Re: VR09 Keys - 12/03/19 10:36 PM
To me the VR09 keys feel a bit small onlyl in the sense that the black keys are more rounded at the top than standard piano keys, so there's less surface for the finger to grab onto. But that's true for a lot of keyboards in this price range.

For really nice, full size, unweighted keys in a lightweight package, I like the Vox Continental, and prices on those are way down now. The Vox also has far superior sounds compared to the VR, however the Vox has very limited ability to split.
Posted By: spray14 Re: VR09 Keys - 12/03/19 11:44 PM
You might wanna look at the GC website, there's a black friday sale goin on and the VR730 is
down to about what the VR09 goes for.
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