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by Stephen Fortner
Stephen Fortner
We've all heard them and sometimes used them. A one-line response to a gear review, or gear thread on a forum, that dismisses the piece of equipment in question based on one issue, often subjective. I'll start:

"Yeah but the converters suck."

Know what I mean? What are some of your "favorites" or most infamous?
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by KuruPrionz
Originally Posted by Dave Bryce
“Those speakers are only really good for rock” *

My response is usually to ask what kind of TV they use to watch comedies. poke


* or any limited audio genre(s).

Nice one! Our bassist subscribes to "Guitar Porn" - Guitar Player, Vintage Guitar and Bass Player. He gives them to me after he's done reading them and I pass them along when I am done.

So many guitar and pedal reviews saying "this would be a great choice for bla bla bla."

Kind of like the time I showed up to a rock gig with a Tele and one of the band members looked at me funny and said "We don't play any country tunes..."
Well foof, somebody should have told Steve Morse that when I saw him play with the Dregs.
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by Nowarezman
The DX7 - always dissed because of ONE patch. One out of something like infinity squared.

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by Anderton
Originally Posted by David Emm
Originally Posted by jerrythek
I'll offer this:

This virtual instrument doesn't sound anything like the classic instrument it is trying to emulate.

Sorry - too broad of a diss.

No, its on-point due to excessive frequency.

...especially when it comes to amp sims, because even the physical amps often sound different from each other - different production runs, parts substitutions, etc. Companies like Line 6 usually get a bunch of something like an AC30, and choose their favorite.
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by dboomer
Not trying to be Mr. Unpopular here. I just wanna share a perspective from a manufacturer's standpoint. MI manufacturer’s (at least internally) consider themselves in the consumer product market. At least the bean counters do.

Obviously a manufacturer could do anything they want but everything has a cost. Cost affects sales and sales affects keeping retail prices down. Most products get a price fixed to them when they are designed. Replaceable batteries have a cost which means if they add that as a feature then something else will get left out. So decisions get made.

Pretty much everything I’ve seen runs over its cost estimates in its initial stages and things have to get cut back. Could be features, could be quality, could be making things serviceable. In older times a lot of gear was designed to do whatever the original design was damn the cost. That's not the case any more. Consumer products are designed form the ground up to meet magic price points ... $299, $399, $499, etc. While you guys certainly have the right to make decisions based on whatever you want I’m guessing in the bigger picture very few sales are lost because on non replaceable batteries assuming the original battery lasts a few years or longer. Apple products that sell in the millions are probably a good example of that. Even in house factory service bills $100/hr against a product in for warranty repair. So for about anything that sells for south of $500 it is cheaper for the factory to replace than to fix. Behringer fixes nothing these days. Warranty claims are replaced and everything else is non serviceable.

Once upon a time I climbed into a dumpster with about 400 rack mount Crest power amps that were on their way to be crushed. I could have easily taken parts from some and fixed others but that ain’t the way it’s done wink
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by jerrythek
I'll offer this:

This virtual instrument doesn't sound anything like the classic instrument it is trying to emulate.

Sorry - too broad of a diss.
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by Markyboard
It sounds like a VST.
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