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Do you have any self imposed purchasing rules. #3059955 08/26/2020 5:19 PM
by RABid
Other than budget or spouse that is. I've been buying instruments for over 40 years and cringe to think of the stuff I have bought and traded away. Saturday I ordered an Ibanez TMB35, a short scale 5 string that is only $250. Yesterday I canceled the order after finding out how hard it is to get decent strings for a short scale 5 string. Thinking back, that was a good thing. I've decided to self impose two rules for purchasing musical instruments.

1. For every item that comes in, two have to go out. If I want a new guitar: bass, electric or acoustic, I have to either sell or give away two. I have too much stuff. I don't need more items, I need more quality.

2. Any item I buy has to be at least as good as my best item of that type. I already have an Ibanez SR1405. Why make such a huge step down in quality? Yes the TMB35 is short scale, but could I really be happy with a $250 bass after playing $1400+ instruments? Just another item to stick in the closet.

There will be exceptions, like guitar pedals. Seriously, you cannot have too many guitar pedals. And they are small. Maybe a limit on how many duplicates. But, you have to keep it real.
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Re: Do you have any self imposed purchasing rules. #3060366 Aug 30th a 03:16 PM
by Doerfler
Sam, send me a PM to remind me to chat with you about this and lets get this thread back on topic. cool
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Re: Do you have any self imposed purchasing rules. #3060269 Aug 29th a 03:42 PM
by Anti-DarkyLord
More of everything.
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Re: Do you have any self imposed purchasing rules. #3060454 Aug 31st a 01:46 PM
by Anti-DarkyLord
Maybe you guys need to change your approach like I did:

Listen up all you so called manufacturers; If you want the honor of me reviewing a piece of your gear you’re going to have to get on my schedule. And you better start kissing my ass; provide me a review unit for which I can optionally purchase at below cost. You should be so fortunate so better make that well below cost. Also throw in some freebies and make sure to include a case of decent IPA. And tasty salty snacks.

Despite being a nobody with writing skills that barely exceed those of your average 5 year old I value my opinion above all others. In the unlikely event you require further credentials perhaps you’d be better off taking a chance with Craig, Mike or Steve?

Good luck with that.

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