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by Anderton
This is an offshoot from some comments in the thread about songwriting...are there songs that bring you to tears? I don't mean something situational, like a song you heard when you had your first kiss or whatever - I mean a song you connected to the first time you heard it, and every time you've heard it thereafter, you still get the same reaction. It's even better if you have no idea why it affects may not even be the kind of music you like. There's just SOMETHING about it.

I figure I might as well kick this off, at the risk of personal embarassment in case you listen to any of these and think "wow, they suck, what's wrong with this guy?" This is all pop-oriented material because on the face of it, there seems to be nothing that out of the ordinary about these songs. I don't like them because of production values, cool solos, whatever; nothing cerebral is going on.

Why do they get to me? I have no idea. Maybe it's because the parts that really get to me don't kick in until later in the song, so I'm taken aback. Maybe it's because I feel the performances are real, the songs mean something to the singers, and that comes across. Who knows.

I HIGHLY recommend if you listen to any of these, DON'T look at the videos...just listen to the music. The videos are distracting.

Time After Time - Granted the performance is excellent, but I've heard covers that are done nowhere near as well, and the song still gets to me.

Heaven Outside My Door - This is one of those songs where I thought "it's okay, nothing special" until it hit the chorus.

Biggest Fan - This first time I heard this, it brought me tears. I have no idea why, it's a frickin' Vegas entertainer. But I get the same reaction every time I hear it.

Pray for the Lost and the Lonely - My attitude has absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter, normally I file "message songs" under "don't listen to again." But again, there's something about this song's feel that just seems so effing real.

Your turn...maybe there's some common thread, and we'll unlock the key to songwriting here smile
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by Dave Bryce
Dave Bryce
Originally Posted by SamuelBLupowitz
The Beatles' Golden Slumbers hit me in the chest at age 12 and still does to this day.
I play that end to end on piano several times a month.

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