sorry ich nicht sprechen deutsch, but i'd be grateful to hear any opinions on this fun little experiment:


GNN Freestyle , from "some basstistics", schmee, 2002

oh let me tell ya...
i know this little fella,
he makes a moment more angelic than Ma Teresa

his name's Mandela...
a curious little fella,
and you know what, he knows us, and he even tried to tell ya -

bout the muggers and the campers
and the A-Dults wearin Pampers,
bout the killers and the spin,
and the shit we're getting in

that'll rape ya...
like a pristine f-16
swoopin up, swoopin round,
and flat down on the scene

like a red-carpet, sinsimelia, silver-silk machine
the schools that we build - telling us what we mean
the words are obscene, and they're Xanex serene
and the truth is still ignored like a crack smoking fiend

the foundation...
the ideological iteration,
is the rock solid platform
of this aerospace nation

and limp as the dick
cheney greasing congress,
slip-sliding senate,
'n ashcroft getting on us

this vibe ain't what we're after
deep in rumsfeld's laughter
and the critical wooden dowel,
that Mr. Colin Powell

always getting into trouble,
always burstin up the bubble,
of GOP scare-fare -
the original D.A.R.E. pair

making bucks on the side
saving up for low tide
and drinking sweet martinis,
while they laugh at how they lied

taking pride while they hide
and the people were denied
that's how they make it
putting guilt on your pride

you see they're hustlers...
those dirty Texas rustlers,
a long and lean lineage of lying mother fuckers

they want control...
that's what it's all about
like the Pope in 13 hundred,
not the people that he made dead

the explanation...
the excuses for the station
are wrapped up in God talk and theories that don't walk
humanitary lines,
or unifying climes,
they're just money-makin, God-fearing, boogieman whines

about helping out our masters
and the socio-political-geo-squashing slime
that take out the motion
the elementary devotion
the love that makes it bind, the heart that walks that line
and punch em in the stomach, and gut and rob it blind

the masters are the crafters of the global-crisis bind

so just look hard, and you know you'll probly find
manipulating minds
hard at work at the process
of leading all the blind
with a neat little trick,
with a carrot on a stick,
and apologetic, apathetic, self-centered dicks

just check the rockets
and the bullets in their pockets

** explicit lyrics warning
also, i've been working on a number of psycadelic albums, would love to post more if you guys enjoy this stuff, but it's very much based in rock and i assuem that's less interesting here. but just let me know and i'll post both albums...

sample from "musolitics":


and from "tongue and bass":



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