Hello all,

I have a small forum for audio recording, but it also covers various topics such as guitar, band promotion, and more. The forum is very small at the moment. It only has about 20 members. I'm working on ways on improving the size of my forum.

I figured, why not give something to my forum members. So, I decided to give a random member of my forum a $300 present. At the moment, you have a 1 in 5 chance on winning. The only rule for the present is it has to be something related to recordings, music, or band stuff. You won't be winning a $300 gift certificate to McDonalds. The only requirement is that you are a member of the recordingreview.com forum. You don't even have to post, but I'd like you to!

If you are a drummer, you could surely use $300 in cymbals or a new snare drum.

A guitar player could use a couple new pedals. You'd be amazed at what a $300 Agile guitar can do.

A recording guy could pick up a few dynamic mics for $300.

If you are interested in joining the audio forum, go to http://www.recordingreview.com and click on "Audio Forum".

Brandon Drury

PS. I'll be "paying" my forum members to post. Everytime you post, you get more "marks". You'll be able to trade "marks" in for microphones, magazine subscriptions, etc. I just figured I would try to pay back my visitors for posting on my site.