No this is not a Trekkie post.

But seriously, someone said that "it isn't the notes that make the music, it is the space between them".

This is a constant production sore spot for me, how to get more space and air into mixes.

Now, I understand that a LOT will depend on the actual composition and arrangement.
Yet, I have heard many "dense" arrangements that still have that damn air and space.

I know that NOT squashing the dynamics with obscene compression might help too, but there are many more other variables.

I would appreciate any simple or complex ideas, suggestions, solutions... on how any of you HAVE achieved airy and spacious mixes.
If you have anything available as an example to listen to, please note the CD/track/album...etc. and its availability.

I think first reading about a mix solution and then also hearing the actual results, will bring it home much better than just reading about it.

Much thanks to all, in advance.


miroslav -

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