Hello all,
I'm writing to anyone who can give me some advice on how to break into the record engineering field on a pro level. I've been recording my own and local music and have been involved in over 12 releases in and around the Birmingham, Alabama area. I have a lot of experience, talent and a huge passion for recording and music in general. I am a multi-instrumentalist and have played in numerous bands of all styles. I would consider myself extremely down to earth and totally ego free. I do not make my living from music but would like to change this.
My question is, how can I start working in this field? I'm willing to start at the bottom for little pay and long hours. I'm willing to do what it takes to make this happen, but I'm unclear wear to start. I've thought about the recording schools, or trying to get a internship at a local pro studio. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.
Thanks, Rus