FATCO is done and ready for your consumption.

It is an educational 2 CD compilation of 24 different tracks submitted by 24 forum members.

Each tune submitted has viewable production notes and photos at
http://www.fatcompilation.com .

If youíre wondering why no one is putting out good music anymore, then youíve been looking in the wrong place. There are some really really good tracks to hear in this compÖ and in many different musical styles as well.

You can find out what your fellow forum members are up to as follows:

Send $10 to:

Roger W. Norman
10 Hamilton Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20901-3411

Make sure to let him know your return address!

The cost of this compilation was $2.51 per set. $7.49 from each order will be donated in our forumís name to the NY Firemanís Fund. Please feel free to submit more than the $10 and it will all go to this worthy cause. We already have a coupl-a hundred dollars to donate!

Also a huge thank you goes out to Roger Norman for putting this whole thing together, Jackpine for doing the dups, Alphajerk for the internet site and admin, Curve Dominant for the CD designs, the submitters, and those who participate by purchasing and discussing as well! Oh, and finally the Musicplayer forum itself where we all have found many new friends and colleagues.

Also check this thread for FATCO discussion:

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