Hi,my name's Mark and I'm a music industry writer from Canada.
One of the hardest things for Musicians to get,especially when they do it on their own
is to get regular media coverage.
That means interviews,articles done on the
band,that sort of thing.And even small media
want you to be creating a buzz in your town
or state before they will consider you.
Drives me nuts!
That's why you have to be creative.If you have
a website,consider getting someone who is a good
writer to do regular articles on your band,right
on your website.Have that person do regular interviews with the band on various aspects of
what the band is doing currently--playing certain clubs,CD releases,where the band wants to go in the future, and doing articles on aspects of the music industry that would be of interest to other musicians.If you can't get a writer or friend to be the journalist,do it yourself!
A lot of people don't agree with me but it's all
about self reliance.
I have a website Called Canadian Guitar Player Magazine with articles written by yours truly.
I set up bios for musicians,interview bands and
write articles.Currently I do it for free.
You can view my website,and take some of my tips and use them to your advantage,the choice is yours.
To view my site,go to:www.mdgproductions.com
That will take you to Canadian Guitar Player Mag.

c-ya all,