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#780350 - 06/15/05 11:38 PM When you walk into a drum shop, do you always buy sticks?
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I don't know what it is about drum sticks, but it seams to me that I always have a pair of sticks in my hand to buy.

What is it with them anyway??? \:D I think it is the different sounds that you can get from the variety of sticks in the shop that I feel that I need. They do create different sounds on the drums and cymbals, based on the material, density, and diameter of the stick, etc.

How many pairs do you have? I have about a 12-14 sets right now. Plastic tips, big heads, heavy types and some light weight ones.


#780351 - 06/15/05 11:58 PM Re: When you walk into a drum shop, do you always buy sticks?
offramp Offline
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I eliminated plastic-tipped sticks from my arsenal about 25 years ago; I was playing a gig, the tip of my right stick split in mid-ride-cymbal hit, and one half of it went straight for my right eye.
Made it, too.

I'm pretty much a 'keep several pair of my favs on hand' kind of guy; at the moment, it's the Manu' Katche stick. I also have a really old pair of Vic Firth 'echo' sticks...really light, really skinny shoulder, small tip. They almost look like an extremely elongated bowling pin. Great for light percussion.
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#780352 - 06/16/05 12:47 AM Re: When you walk into a drum shop, do you always buy sticks?
sidereal Offline
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I have to special order mine, because I use the Vic Firth SD4 Custom, which drum shops never ever carry.

I've got a ton lying around. Half of them are chewed up 5As. I tried burning a bunch in the fireplace once but they make awful kindling.
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#780353 - 06/16/05 04:31 PM Re: When you walk into a drum shop, do you always buy sticks?
deathdrummer Offline
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I use Vic Firth: Rock Maple A Custom SD1 General, Hickory A Classic Rock N Nylon Tip, Zildjian: Raw Hickory, Tre'Cool, and some Ludwig (i think 5B) but i'm not a big fan of Ludwig (break too easily) .......

Offramp, I can relate, believe me (although you already had the experience), I had acctually lost concentration because my stick completely SPLIT (Zildjian, you let me down) an STABBED myself in the eye, (bled for about an hour) I can still see though.

Though they DO break, I don't buy them as often, (better ones shave money off spending pretty good, then you have about ten bucks short and have to wait for you next pay check to get that item you should have, Damn you drumsticks!!!)

My nylon give a crappier (yet good) sound unfortunately because wood breaks easier. Not that I have experienced my nylons break.

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