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#780284 - 06/07/05 11:50 AM Furthermore....
richiejazz Offline
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In continuation to the damping/tuning motif:

What are peoples preferences on tuning/taking care of their tom heads?
I'm using a 12' rack and 16 and 18 (a bitch to tune) floor toms at the mo, but I'm continually at odds how i should tune them..I usually have them tuned sortof medium tight and if close mic sometimes use moongel or even 'o' rings occasionally for a boomy sound. Not sure what to use for recording though...

#780285 - 06/07/05 02:28 PM Re: Furthermore....
sidereal Offline
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Just for the record.

#780286 - 06/16/05 07:18 PM Re: Furthermore....
deathdrummer Offline
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I just make 'em sound good... \:D

I make world class music, I just forget to write it down...
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#780287 - 06/30/05 01:54 PM Re: Furthermore....
ss Offline
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Actually, deathdrummer said it perfect.
First of all ask the question; why do you tune a drum? The answer in my book is for desired sound and stick response. There are so many threads in reference to tuning a drum and, in a sense, most every reply is correct if the person doing the tuning obtains the sound and response that THEY desire. Getting the sound that you want comes from taking time with the drum itself. Of course, quality heads will make this process easier and a bit more enjoyable.

Most drums have their own "sweet spot". What I mean by this is that there is a certin tuning configuration that will bring out the best sound of a drum. I understand that the words "best sound" are highly opinionated but generaly speaking, the best sound by my definition means resonance with plenty of attack.

Before someone tells you differant let me say that you need to think about the sound that YOU want to get from your kit. Then, In your best words, put that sound into writing and post it onto this forum. There are plenty of experienced members here to help you get what your looking for.