I had about 12 MDW EQ's (version 1.1) on a Pro Toosls session. Around the middle of the afternoon the left side of the overheads started sounding like they were going through DEEP ring modulation, they didn't sound like drums at all. I closed Pro Tools, restarted, but it was still there. Bypassing didn't help, only removing the plugin corrected it.

Later, more and more of the MDW's started doing this, even the one I had on the vocal track. Only removing the MDW EQ corrected the audio. I'm not using any MDW's at this point, but would like to.

Corrupted Plugin?

I'm on a Mac G4/733, OS 10.3.2, ProTools 6.2.3
HD 4, with Sync I/O (NOT Accel)
1.5 Gig of RAM
CPU set to 85%