Ok Group.
about a year ago i bought the Coleman TB4. There was nothing else like it on the planet. I spent time talking with the the designer of the box (Glenn) and he was very informative about all the strides he went through to make it. At the time there was NO competition.

Fast Forwad a year.....

Everyone is making these boxes. Mackie, Presonus...you name it.

Here is my question. Coleman boasted of it being totally passive AND it had a 300.00 volume knob that would please the staunchest of Audiophiles. He used the SSL masterfader until they discontinued it, so he found this swedish company that made this fancy Audiophile knob that costs HIM 300.00 bux each.
If the new Presonus and Mackie are BOTH passive systems.
HOW DIFFERENT would they be than this 1000.00+ coleman box?
The Presonus has MANY more features than my TB4 that i could certianly use. Is the knob "ALL THAT" in a passive system. Would i notice a big difference.
I realise its one of the most important parts of my DAW Universe, so i dont want to upset the apple cart by replacing it and thus creating a less optimal mixing enviroment. The coleman is missing some thing is could use.

Would a lesser volume knob in a passive monitoring system be a huge difference?