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#4708 - 08/24/01 03:32 PM Who Are The Jazz Illuminati?
cransongs Offline

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I recently dialed in The Jazz Channel which is very educational and enjoyable.

I know that standards are the bedrock of jazz, but are there any new standards being created?

Or did the Jazz Illuminati get together a long time ago and say, "We own these copyrights and no other music will be played in jazz, other than these 128 songs."

#4709 - 08/24/01 03:47 PM Re: Who Are The Jazz Illuminati?
Chip McDonald Offline
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Originally posted by cransongs:
I know that standards are the bedrock of jazz, but are there any new standards being created?

Anything can be made into a jazz song, and likewise become a standard... Unfortunately, what defines the "standard" apparently is the publisher of all the various new incarnations of the Real Book... Which is weird, either they're playing a lot of weird stuff in Boston, or... "?"

The funny thing is that one would *think* the big bastion of the retro-modern jazz revolution, Wynton Marsalis, would have *written* a standard by now...

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#4710 - 08/24/01 04:34 PM Re: Who Are The Jazz Illuminati?
David R. Offline
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Popular jazz is stuck in a bop/post bop era, almost all "new" jazz (anything after 1970?) is "avant garde". Those who write 'new classics' have a hard time getting recognition and heard because of how much is out there already. Good friend of mine, a brilliant jazz pianist and composer, moved to NYC last year in hopes of landing a deal. No one is signing new jazz artists now, and the ones who are signed are not making much money.

Chuck Shear, publisher of the legal Real Book, is performing a great service to everyone in the jazz community, enabling hundreds of composers (some new) to get their songs out and get $$ for being published. The Real Book is like the basic vocabulary of jazz songs. You are at a gig and the leader calls out "Corcovado" and everyone can flip to the page and play it.

Cransongs, if you want to hear new jazz, keep your radio tuned to the left side of the dial - college and community radio. Wynton is a good player and very learned in the history of jazz, but I think has a narrow vision of jazz. We ripped him a new a**hole on a previous thread talking about the Ken Burns special.


-David R.
-David R.