After a week of mixing my computer started acting up ((G4/533)) DP3, as I was making edits the machine froze for a while, then caught up, then I started doing automation on my board ((DM24)) and the automation begans to screw up.

I made certain moves in the mix, the mixer totally fuxx's it up, I'm like what, fades are all out of place from what I had written during automation, then while listening back in my 7506's it almost seemed at as if everything was playing to one side ((CENTER & RIGHT SIDE))

With DP3 giving MTC to the DM24 for automation on the DM, somewhere in the midst of it all, my DM24 goes haywire, screen going nuts, I see my midi interface (MOTU EXPRESS XT) the lights are just blinking crazy, then all of a sudden my MIXER setting/patches/effects are erased, and I must reset them all, by this time I've freakin lost it.

though I must admit I was dead ass tired, I gave up, went to sleep, awoke the next day very scared to even accomplish any more work, so I stuck with my instinct and left it alone for a week, went back and all was fine. for now
(twilight zone music plays in the distance)

Weird, totally fa-reakin weird