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#434028 - 11/25/03 08:02 PM To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade?
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Many people on these forums are looking for ways they can upgrade their systems... either by using new software or new hardware. I pose a question to everyone out there... is it worth upgrading if everything already suits your needs? For example, I've been using the same computer system for nearly 3 years now. It took me six months to work out the kinks and make it run smoothly. I use software and hardware from 3 years ago, but everything works great. I can record several tracks at a time, and haven't had crashes in ages. Why would I need to upgrade? Why are people so eager to upgrade? I know that there is a lot of nice, shiny equipment out there to play with, but is it worth the time and trouble to always be upgrading? I know there are those like me, that won't upgrade until something starts smoking or dies, never to be heard from again... but what about those that are always looking to upgrade?
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#434029 - 11/27/03 08:02 AM Re: To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade?
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Originally posted by KnightShow:
is it worth upgrading if everything already suits your needs?
Not really.I did the same thing recently and passed on the upgrade from Sonar 2.2 to 3.0 because it didn't have any new features I really needed,but on the other hand I passed up the low price to upgrade in the future.Another view when it comes to computer hardware is that eventually older replacement parts are going to cost you more than building a new machine(PC's anyway).From a commercial point of view,you kinda have to keep up to compete for clients,and if your into the latest and greatest softsynths and ever powerconsuming plugins,your alway's looking for more power and stability.From a private point of view,if you see no need for anymore tools than you have now,then freezing the situation is fine.
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#434030 - 11/27/03 04:21 PM Re: To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade?
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Well, I think if your using a Mac, you are getting forced into upgrading at this point.
Theer will come a poitn wher none of the sofwtare you are running will run on anyhting but OSX.

I finally upgarded my computer after 4 years to a 2.3 Ghz AMD machine. And it rocks. Didn't cost very much either.

If you are using PT's, you will not only be forced to upgrade your computer, but also your hardware.
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#434031 - 11/30/03 09:47 PM Re: To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade?
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I think that upgrading, like many other things, tends to yield less benefit after a certain point is reached. I have seen many instances over the years where the same old computer is OK for a user’s “current” needs. Then, the user one day finds a new thing/task to use their computer for… only to find that it can’t perform the function. It seems to be more rampant on a forum, since there are so many of us. And, it seems some one is updating the hardware just about every day.

Myself (and, I think a fair amount of us on these forums) are novices or small-time entrepreneurs. So, I found myself in that situation a few years ago. I bought my first 8-track card and recorded my first group of artists. Suddenly, 9GB of HDD space was no enough. Then, I went to 16 tracks and the drive bandwidth wasn’t enough. Then, it seemed to take too long to process effects and filters. But, today, my 20 month old 1.9GHz P4 with dual 80GB RAIDs can record 16 tracks of DVD quality audio. And, my outboard gear is behind the times. 3GHz would be nice. But, not necessary… for me.

The flip side of constant hardware rotation is that you could possibly keep your gear from getting too old. With computers, age can sometimes work against you with failures. But, I’ve seen new stuff fail plenty of times. It is kind of a fine line between knowing what works and when it would be beneficial to step up on the gear line.

So, I think I am agreeing with you in that you probably should hold off upgrading your computer if it is doing what you need to get the job done. If you going to get a new project that required you to add a function you don’t already have, that might be a time to consider upgrading. But, give enough time to get the new system stabilized. I would be worried about jumping into a new environment with a bunch of bugs and quirks to riddle the project.

New gear is fun, though… :p

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#434032 - 12/01/03 04:29 AM Re: To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade?
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I totally agree with all of the above.
Why not spend the money on harmony lessons or learn a new instrument. Upgrade your skills instead of your equiptment.
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