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#390546 - 07/25/05 03:43 AM Diffusing DB on Kick.....?
gretzky99 Offline

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hello all...built garage studio (room within a room) didn't cut slab, my drum kit sits on a carpet which lays on a pergo floor with small styrofoam-like underlayment underneath...would it help diffuse the kick DB even more from the outside world to put down that rubber "baby mat" snap together flooring underneath the kit or even build a riser or am I wasting my time?

My nosie level has been severely cut back , but just looking for that xtra inch , my neighbor says he can still BARELY hear the kick drum

thanks !!

#390547 - 07/25/05 03:52 AM Re: Diffusing DB on Kick.....?
Bunny Knutson Offline
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If you're not planning on doing any more soundproofing treatment to the walls/ceiling, I'd just put an extra pillow in the kick when playing at night. \:\)

With almost no soundproofing treatment in my room, and with "my room" being the master bedroom in my house, I'm forced to track all drums during the day, or I'll wake up not only the neighbors, but my family, too. D'oh!

#390548 - 07/25/05 05:58 AM Re: Diffusing DB on Kick.....?
Philip O'Keefe Offline
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Really you need more mass on the walls - I don't think a riser is going to do it for you. Chances are, the little bit that's getting out isn't getting to your neighbor from the ground, but through the air. And the only ways to deal with that are, as Bunny said, with more soundproofing (mass and trapped airspace all around the whole room) or by quieting the source.
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