IMO, if you`re going to position yourself as a music educator as well as a musician, it DOES matter what you say. There are lots of great players who don`t have a lot to say, and I appreciate them greatly for their gifts, I don`t need to listen to them talk. But Mr. M. goes to schools, leads seminars, participates in a lot of projects that people pay attention to. Whatever personal crap he has with one fellow player or another has NO place in those endeavors. Leave the public slams to the hip-hoppers, I say.
Yes !!!

Personally I feel a lot of Wynton's situation stems from be so successful so young. Early stardom seems to bring along various problems for many of the exceptionally gifted.

Also when it comes to Wynton, what makes him special to me is not so much his solo chops in jazz but his classical togetherness. When I first noticed him he was on the Grammies playing the hell out of a Hyden's Concerto I believe.

For jazz I prefer my hometown buddy Wallace Roney. But also there's Terence Blanchard, Nickolas Payton and a host of other young trumpet lions among whom Wynton is just one of the pack. Now if you want to go back a few years none of the young cats are that exceptional when I pull out my tapes of say Clifford Brown, Clark Terry, Freddie Hubbard, Dizzy, Louie, Miles ............... \:\)