Big Sur now runs iOS apps on the M1 Macs, so we can consolidate our music app workflows, or break them open into something more interesting. Will be interesting how the software prices are adjusted. How do you think developers will handle and price apps that have 2 separate versions? For example, these apps have iOS and MacOS versions: IK Multimedia Hammond B-3X, Korg Module, Korg Gadget, Cubasis, Fruity Loops, iReal Pro etc.

Other observations:
- AUM, Audiobus, Looper etc. will all get to play with Logic Pro.
- Vice versa, hoping to see Mainstage and Pianoteq running on an iPad/iPhone.
... filed under weird - you can now run the Garageband (iOS), next to Garageband (MacOS).
- Looking forward to iOS Lumbeat Drum Machines in MacOS.
... and iOS apps in Big Sur will need to use the mouse/trackpad ... good or bad?