Hey all,

I have been using Universal Audio's Precision Limiter for 10+ years, and while it does a good job with light duty chores and most material, it's showing its age. I'm still working on my optimal mix levels (see other post), but I find that the UAD limiter tends to raise or introduce unwanted noise and hiss.

I tried Eventide's Elevate (formerly Newfangled Audio) and needless to say it's a slick piece of software. There are up to 26 frequency bands, so if you want to control the amount of limiting or gain on a specific frequency region, it's no problem. I find it handy for small adjustments that would otherwise require a separate EQ. There are a ton of other adjustments you can do that are a bit over my head (transient recovery/emphasis, etc).

I have no connection to the company, I just wanted to share something I found. Give the demo a shot if you haven't tried it before.



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