New Plugin Day.
I got the first sales pitch a while ago. The video demonstrating the plugin was pretty bad so I passed. Last night I checked out another emal/sales pitch. The first video was a Zoom conferece of unidentified nerds jabbering about the plugin, worthless. The second video did a demo of the plugin on a fairly simple mix and demonstrated the avaiable options well. Got me!!! Hook, line and sinker. Purchased and installed. Up and running.

No affiliation with Eventide, Micropitch is on sale for $39 until Sunday, June 7th at midnight. I appreciate that their plugins have very good sound quality and offer a ton of options in one place.

2 pitch shifters calibrated for detuning effects, one flat, one sharp. modulation effects, and delays. All stereo. A "ribbon" on the bottom, it is easy to create 2 different sounds and slide continuously between them. That can be operated in real time using the pitch wheel of a MIDI controller keyboard.

Yeah, I can "build" plugin rack/patch bays in Waveform. "Swiss Army Knife" plugins like this save time, something I find value in doing. This could become a go-to effects plugin pretty quickly, it puts a good variety of options in one well designed gui. That makes me happy, jjust sharing. Cheers, Kuru

Every Time I Am Wrong, I Learn Something.