Hi everyone,

My collaborator and I dusted off two unreleased tracks and finally mixed and mastered them for today's Bandcamp Day. We had this in the pipeline ready to go before recent current events (which is all I will say to not break forum rules). We have decided to donate all the funds from this release to Montreal's DESTA Black Youth Network, an organization that helps Black youth under 35 with their employment and educational goals.

This project is set to the work of renowned Mexican poet, Francisco Serrano, who is also the singer's uncle. "Canción sonámbula" is a harmonically twisting guaguancó, and "Llévame a donde quieras" is a beautiful, tender ballad. This is really the only project where I co-write with someone; Gitanjali will usually start the melodies, and I will reharmonize them, add interludes, and finish where she leaves off. I'm truly proud of our work together.


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