2020 - year of the nu skool trackers!
check out this baby:

[Linked Image from xor-electronics.com]

– 8 Tracks for each Midi, Sampling, Sound or Expanders
– 254 Sequencer rows
– 254 Patterns with each 64 (and less) Steps
– flexible and comfortable arrangement of patterns
– Capable for advanced song arrangements as well as live access to patterns
– 254 Patches/Instruments
– 64 Tables with 16 (and less) steps
– 8 Automation slots
– 32 Sample slots
– 16 Bit Stereo Sample support. 150 sec sample memory
– Sample recording
– Projects as many as the SD card can hold
– Launchpad Integration
– With expansions also integrated CV and Gate/Trigger sequencing
– 4 voice polyphonic for Midi tracks
– Integrated Sound synthesizer
…..and much more….

(info stolen from the XOR website: CL1CKKKKKK!!!11!

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