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I wanted to let folks know about what could potentially be a really fun way to spend part of this Sunday, especially if you're curious about electronic music controllers like the Joué.

The Joué team is getting ready to launch a Kickstarter for its new entry-level music composition and performance system, Joué Play. The company has been really successful with its first product, the Joué Pro (formerly just the Joué), and this looks like a really great way to expand their market by offering less complicated interfacing and dedicated software. I got to try the prototypes at NAMM, and they're a lot of fun.

The event runs from 1030 AM to 530 PM Pacific Time at Drip Studios in LA. They're going to be filming musicians and producers trying out the Joué Pro and new Joué Play. No obligations other than a video release, they want honest feedback from folks and to introduce the Joué to as many people as possible. Oh, and there's free pizza and drinks, and a raffle to win a full Joué Pro package that's worth something like $500.

I can't be there, but I wish I could; the guys at Joué are really great, down-to-earth folks, and I'd really like to see them succeed in this new project.

Get an Evite for the event and read more about it here

Click here to learn more about Joué

Thanks for taking a look, and if anyone from MPN gets to go, can you let me know how it went in this thread?


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