This is the first in a series of posts that will hopefully provide some useful info if you decide to start your own podcast.

A run sheet, or running sheet, is the document that outlines what you're wanting to achieve when recording an episode. I use Google docs for each episode's run sheet so it provides easy access when co-hosting a show to both parties (more on that in another post). A Word document or spreadsheet will work fine too, whatever you like best. Over the years I've used a range of run sheet formats, but there are some core components that most use.

Currently my run sheet has:

1. Actual script for the introduction section of the show: I type out what I want to say at the start of the show. Most times I tend to tweak it as I record, as sometimes what I write doesn't sound conversational enough.

2. Full bio of the guest: this may not be read out, but having that info to hand can be critical during the interview.

3. Interview questions: I write a whole bunch down, and sequence them in a way that seems semi-natural. 90% of the time that sequence will need to be shuffled based on the interviewee's answers, as they will prompt questions you hadn't thought of.

4. Show outro: again a fairly tight script with the thank-yous and reinforcement of how to get in touch.

5. Web links for stuff discussed during the show: adding them here allows you to easily cut and paste across to the show notes that accompany the podcast when you publish the show (more on that in another post)

Any questions, just ask!

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