Since I'm here, I'm updating my rack. I've got a post in Dr. Mike's forum discussing the new "mini patch bay" I'm building and cablle dressing that is soon to come.
This will bring all of my inputs to the front of the rack, convenient for my purposes.
I've added a couple of pieces and taken one away. I didn't feel like I needed the FMR RNP. It's a great mic-pre but didn't sound much different at all compared to the 8 preamps in the Presonus Quantum.
I finally got around to fixing a broken pot in an HHB Radius 40 I've had since the early oughts. Using it as a "mic pre-preamp" I've found it's much better than it was going line in. It makes a great bass DI as well. And it does sound different than the Quantum, variety is good in my little world. I picked up a Presonus Eureka channel strip too, another flavor and again, good as a "mic pre-preamp".

Photo attached - the mini patch bay will go in the lower right front corner with the RNC on top of it.

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