Hi all,

It's a great honour to be moderating this new forum on musicplayer.com. Some of you may know me from The Keyboard Corner forum, or from my podcast The Keyboard Chronicles.

I'm an Australia-based musician / podcaster / geek, who's been podcasting since 2007. Like any endeavour, I've far from mastered it, but across half a dozen podcasts I've done (topics ranging from virtual worlds and gaming, to politics and current events and music technology and musicianship), I've definitely learnt a few things and hope to pass them on here. Whether its podcast hosting, recording remote guests or setting up a podcast feed, I'm sure you can get some good assistance.

So here's the rules of the show:

1. Ask ANY questions you like about podcasting. I personally may not know the answer but this is the great thing about the musicplayer.com community: someone's likely to know.

2. It's totally fine to pimp your own podcast if you're a regular on the musicplayer.com forums: users with a post count of 1 who pimp their podcast will likely have the post deleted. Please use the specific sub-forum 'Pimp my podcast' to do so though please.

3. Enjoy and learn!


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