brandnew polyphonic digital synth by twisted electrons: MEGAfm

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"...MEGAfm uses and abuses the vintage YM2612 FM chip originally found in the Megadrive/Genesis games console....

Unlike most FM synthesizers that are very clean and digital, the YM2612 has very characterful tone allowing a broad sound palette ranging from beautiful plucked strings to growly distorted bass lines.

Hardware FM synthesizers are infamous for their reduced controls and complexity to program, with tiny LCD screens and only a couple of buttons to operate a load of menus…
With its 32 operators faders, 14 knobs and 15 buttons MEGAfm offers unprecedented hands-on FM control!

Every knob and fader can easily be modulated by the easy to use LFOs.


12 Voice Polyphony
Dual YM2612 FM chips
8 Algorithms
4 Voicing modes (Poly12, stereo/wide6, special CH3 mode, 12 voice unison with detune/fat knob
Stereo or Mono output (1 chip per channel or both chips summed)
32 Sliders for total control of all 4 operators
14 knobs
15 buttons
23 LEDS, LED numeric display.
3 lfos to modulate any parameter
7-mode arpeggiator with transposable Sh-style step sequencer
Vibrato with depth and rate
MIDI clock on all LFOs, ARP and Vibrato
Dual 6.35mm TS output and 6.35mm Stereo Headphones output
DIN5 MIDI input with MIDI channel learn and thru/out

474 euro plus vat plus shipping

get it H3R3!!1!

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