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finally the OP-Z app for android is ready for beta state release. with the new app android users can now use their device as a wireless screen for the OP-Z synthesizer.

the app adds another dimension to all OP-Z interactions. at a glance, you know how your mix is balanced or just how much effect is applied to each track. see all the visual aspects behind the music you create, in real time.

use it as a visual aid, great for learning how to operate the unit, as a multi-touch controller for live mixing of your tracks, or focus on the details and get precise adjustments of all the synthesizer parameters.

the app also includes photomatic, which makes use of the built-in camera on the device, allowing you to sequence your photos, and motion, allowing you to animate and sequence 2d / 3d unity graphics, all in sync with your music.

the android version of the OP-Z app is currently in a public beta state, which means it is working and fully operational, however more public compatibility testing is needed.

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