In the studio, everything is subject to change without notice...I don't recommend this particularly, just thought some of you might find it interesting. I also thought it might stimulate some discussion about the post-mixing workflow you use.

1. Get the mix right in Studio One's Song page, without anything in the master bus other than Sonarworks.
2. Bypass Sonarworks and export the mix.
3. Create a new Song, bring in the mix, and do tempo tweaks (as mentioned in another thread about using subtle tempo changes to help a song "breathe"). I am finding this to be a truly essential part of the process.
4. Now I have two folders for the same song, one with the multitrack, one with the tempo-tweaked mix.
5. Create a new folder for the mastering-related steps. Bring the tempo-tweaked mix into Studio One's Project page, add EQ if needed, then add the Waves L3 and tweak to produce a consistent LUFS level (I seem to be liking -10 a lot these days).
6. Export the finished file into the folder with the mastering Project.

This is giving me consistent masters, and I'm pretty happy with the results smile