I’ve been looking at controllers recently (see my thread on a controller for a dorm), and there seem to be a lot of conflicting reviews online about the M-Audio Code 61/49. You have a group that says it’s got great keys, is super stable, and very flexible. People using them for band stuff with Mainstage, etc. Then there’s the other 50% of reviews. They say the keyboard frame bends when it’s played, the knobs/faders/pitch and mod wheels don’t output a consistent and full range of midi values and have very poor response, the keyboard crashes everything routinely, and the usb connection fails constantly.

I’m hoping that some of you may have used this keyboard at some point and can tell me about your experiences with it. It seems to tick all the right boxes except the bad reviews worry me a little as I don’t want to have to replace it quickly.

So, anybody here use one of these?



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