BFD3 and the fxpansion and Chocolate Audio (and Drum Drops) add-on libraries are now sold. Sonic Reality does not allow resale, unfortunately. Drum Drops never responded to ANYONE's queries, but is now back in the game with a new funk collection, so may be responsive again with new inquiries. Unfortunately, it is time-consuming to re-gather that list as they have alternate names on-disc vs. license names vs. website product names, etc., and I had deleted them from the ad due to having a buyer at the time (who bought them new, after DrumDrops didn't respond).

For now, I will itemize the remaining fxpansion products that I own and am not using, and which are bundled for cheap, but do take into account that they charge $50 per transaction (not per product, at least!) and must be contacted in advance to receive approval for the transfers. Also, I have additional add-ons but they don't show up in my account and thus can't be resold -- several products have fallen into limbo when the website gets refactored every few years.

Geist 2
Geist Expanders: BFD Remix; Best of Guru; Dark Matter

Tremor -- a different sort of software drum machine with advanced sequencer

$100 for the bundle of drum editors above! Including the $50 fxpansion transfer fee!

DCam Synth Squad: Amber; Cypher; Fusor; Strobe
Cypher 2
Strobe 2
Aiyn Zahev: Horizon (presets library)

Bloom -- diffusion-based reverb effect
Etch -- analog multi-pole filter effect
Maul -- multi-band distortion effect
DCAM Dynamics

$100 for the bundle of synths and effects above! Including the $50 fxpansion transfer fee!

Geist 2, Cypher 2. and Strobe 2, are still active products and run for about $200 each when not on sale. Everything else has recently been pushed to the "unsupported" Legacy Products page, so I will have to check with fxpansion regarding the legality of resale, as they may not support license transfer vs. just keeping downloads for old buyers who need to reinstall on new machines.

Including the $50 transfer fee, I'm only asking $100 for the synths and plug-in effects as one bundle (regardless of whether the older material can still be handed over; the two that are current are still a $390 value normally), and $100 for Geist and its expanders plus Tremor (it is still sold for $150 but will receive no more updates).

This post was at vi-control and removed due to having two buyers, but the buyers both flaked and left the forum, so I reposted the ad but also thought this forum might be a better audience for these products. All purchases will be preceded by vendor communication, so no money will be parted until we have 100% confirmation of a two-way handshake with the vendors.

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