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Im believing this is the right forum. If Im wrong, could a mod move it? Thank you.

This is more of a technique question than anything. I also dont have my comp at the moment to test, but Im taking your word for it.

Alright, I might as well show the song, so I can get to that part. Here is the vid:

PS: Youtube used to have a really great concert version of him Live in Tokyo, but as always, its not there.

At the 0:55 second mark, (my fav part) I did buy the $200 Whammy peddle to do that, and still cant pull off LOL < thats not the question, thats just me bitching about it LMAO laugh

The part that crazy and confusing is at 2:08. So what I gather, its supposed to be 2 delaying hes using. In that Tokyo Live vid, it shows him bending down to his delay peddle, turning the knob, and that sound happens. Sounds its "easily" done. Didnt look complicated in Joes playing it live. Its sounded spot on too if I remember correctly. So what do I do? I connect my synth peddle which has a delay, after guitar, and before software. Then used the software delay. In his line up, I believe he has a pre-delay, and an after-delay kind of route ( I could be wrong)

But however he is doing Ive never come close to achieving that. Not sure if the make an model of the delay peddle that matters, or type of delay. Anyone have an insight to whats happening and how? Winston Psmith could your knowledge be helpful here?

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