It's my hope that this forum will give folks who work with computers in their music a place to share resources, ask and answer questions, bring up new tech and talk about old tech, and generally inform themselves and each other about any and all aspects of computers in music.

I have created this forum so that this area can be addressed in a single place, rather than having no choice but to have computer-related content mingled with other threads in other forums. (Fora? Forae? Fortner? Whatevs. Anyway.)

Just as one example, I adore the Keyboard Corner and find the insights there to be fabulous, but specifically computer-related threads can be hard to dig up and quickly become buried. The same is true to some extent or another with other forums, and this forum is a reaction to that.

No, I am not saying that computer-related threads should be in this forum and this forum alone! There will be appropriate places for them elsewhere, and that's great.

I am also not saying that this forum should attempt to replace any of the existing resources out there for computer-using musicians.

What I am saying is in another Sticky thread at the top of this forum, the Mission Statement. For now, I just want to tell folks what's welcome here and what is not.


- Discussion of computer Operating System and how it relates to music-making. All OSes are welcome: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, embedded code, you name it.

- Discussion of computer hardware and how it relates to reliable live or studio use. DIY projects, reliable components for home builds, better and worse choices of Macs (vintage and new), issues relating to one model over another, what to expect from particular CPUs or GPUs, and so on.

- Discussion of particular DAW software, effects plug-ins, virtual instruments, sound libraries, and audio and MIDI utilities. If you want to start a thread on a particular workflow or app, go ahead and do it! Offer help, ask for help...

- Anything you attach to a computer to make music can be talked about here. That includes but is not limited to:
- Audio and MIDI interfaces
- Controllers and control surfaces... especially the ones that aren't based around traditional keyboards (that Keyboard Corner might address)
- DSP engines to run plug-ins and synthesizers
- USB-enabled alternatives to traditional gear (e.g. USB microphones or guitar pedalboards)
- A/D and D/A converters (hell, you can even argue about sound quality if you want)

- Industry news, cool new tech and the possibilities it raises

- Complaints and bitchfests about when this stuff just makes us want to weep Tears Of Blood And Rage (TOBAR for you technical jargon lovers)

- Compliments and shout-outs when this stuff is done right. Seriously, we need to do that! Builders and coders are people too, and need the occasional stroke to offset the beatings they routinely receive.


- Personal attacks, callous behavior, and general douchebaggery

- Religious and political arguments of any kind

- OS evangelism and confrontation. I MEAN THIS. We know that we're idiots for using our OS rather than yours, we don't need you reminding us, but thanks so much for offering.

So let's get busy! thu

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