Hi y'all,

A friend of mine and I have been working on a track. We met over on the BandHub site, and he had a melody and lyrics, but needed music composed to go with it. So I came up with a backing. Fast forward a few months, and this guy is having some tracks mixed for an album; one of them is the song I helped him on (actually there are two but this is the one in question). The gentlemen he's working with suggested a heavily modified melody line instead of what my friend originally had. To us it sounds strange, but that's partly because we're used to the old melody. Another engineer friend of his suggested that we go and ask people which one they prefer, without any information on original vs redo, etc.

Please comment on which you like better, track one or track two, based on the melody line only. The backing will be the same regardless (a few tweaks to the current one). I would do a poll but it looks like that is not an option anymore(?).

Track One: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NoVgVkseX7LxQKRvMUmc8_8YyFE2Lu1_/view?usp=sharing

Track Two: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18zsq9svMC3L1jXJUV6O4HTZ7Zjn0JWCT/view?usp=sharing

Thanks everyone!

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