Just a quick note to let the community know that while we have finished migrating and upgrading the site, it had been a very long time since we were able to do an upgrade. Consequently, we had to do a bunch of them in rapid succession. Luckily, we were aided by the UBB folks (it's their platform), and most things seem to have gone smoothly.

There is still some tweaking to be done and a few issues to be resolved, so you will probably notice some minor adjustments over the next few weeks. There are bug report threads here and there in the forum - community members are encouraged to let us know if you find anything so we can check it out. We still have a bit of formatting to do, but that should happen pretty quickly.

We're also in the process of adjusting the assortment of the forums. Some older ones have been/will be archived, some have been/will be reactivated, and a few new forums will be lit up shortly.

We will do everything in our power to make sure this place continues to have the same vibe that's made it such an enjoyable hang for so many of us over the last two decades. As always, deepest thanks to the community for your support - you are what makes this place what it is.

More to come - stay tuned.